About Darin's Body Shop in Houston, MO

Darin painted his first car when he was just 16 and had always known that fixing cars was what he wanted to do forever. So after successfully turning his own wrecked 1979 Ford pickup into a nice truck in high school, Darin started to work for his brother, who opened an auto body shop in 1988. He enjoyed the challenge of making wrecks look new again (a challenge he still relishes in today), and was fascinated by the artistic vision involved in making something from nothing.

In 1994, Darin took the opportunity to purchase the shop and expand it. Now with 7 staff members and every single mechanic ASE certified, Darin's Body Shop is a vital local business. Customers come from all over to receive Darin's signature brand of friendly service.

The shop is a direct repair company for several insurance companies in the area. Ask your insurance agent to see if we are one of the repair shops that works directly with your insurance company.

About Darin's Body Shop, auto body shop in Houston MO


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