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Customer Reviews & Stories for Darin's Body Shop in Houston, MO

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Customer Reviews & Stories

Reliable hard working Owner Darin Walker and crew. Honest!! Quotes for services matched as the business stated it would be. A Pleasure plus excellent Work as always


Thank you for putting my mind at ease during my repair of my truck the service went above and beyond !


Of course I highly recommend this place!!!! Great customer service, very friendly staff, honest and trustworthy.


Service has always been excellent. – Highly Recommended Quick & Great Service Ever.


I won't take my vehicle anywhere else. Everyone there was very professional and when I got my car back it literally looked better than when I bought it! 5 Star service from Darin's Body Shop!


I have taken several vehicles to Darin s Body Shop for him and his staff to repair, and when I went to pick the vehicle s up they looked as if they had never been damaged! I was so impressed and happy with their services. I had a 99 Dodge truck that had over $10,000 dollars worth of damage to it. I took it to Daren s Body Shop and Daren and his staff fixed that truck for me back in 2001,and when I went to pick up my truck from him you would have never known that it had been wrecked.

That truck s paint job and all the repairs still to this day look like it did the day I picked it up from the shop in 2001. This body shop provides you with quick service and they take care of all the insurance issues for you. They provided me with a loaner vehicle each time that I had to take any of my automobiles to his shop, and the loaner vehicles are very nice and dependable. Besides the wonderful work they provide in their repairs, they also provide you with fast, dependable, accurate and professional service!

I have and will always take my vehicles to Darin s Body Shop and I would highly recommend everyone to take their vehicles to him and his staff and let them do the practically impossible repairs for you or for anyone you know. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!! Thanks so much Darin and Staff for all your hard work and great services you all provide!!


More Than a FIVE STAR Business! They CARE About Their Customers!

These people are WAY BEYOND FIVE STARS! I expected my car to look good after it was smashed in the back. However, I did not expect it to look PERFECT! There is no way to tell that it had ever been in an accident. I also appreciated that they gave me a free loaner car while my car was being repaired.

Right from the time of writing the estimate these people have been friendly and helpful. They are interested in doing the job RIGHT. When he was writing the estimate he had already taken pictures of the damage but he wasn't sure that the insurance company would go with all he wanted to do to fix it the best way possible. So he went and took another detailed picture of the exact area. I really like their attention to detail.

When my car was done I wasn't going to drive on the roads since they could still have been icy from our recent bad weather so they brought my car back to me which was really great. These people are interested in customer service. It seems like they genuinely care about their customers. When they brought my car back I noticed the new car smell and the paper mats on the floor. They cleaned it up and took care not to dirty it with their shoes. You can't go wrong dealing with these people!!


Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Best place to get a unbiased assessment of what repairs or service your car might need.